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Seattle house mice control removal exterminaors

A family could hear pitter patter of scratchy little feet running marathons
in the attic. With children in the home was causing great anxiety and fear.
Especially because where there are mice rats are sure to follow.

Rats mice exterminators

A family of four were preparing to enjoy an evening of watching movies. The
children were playing on the floor in front of the television while Mom set
up the snack table. What's a movie without popcorn, candy and pop, right.
Movie starts and everyone snuggles in to enjoy the flick. The daughter kept
seeing something flying across the floor but not curious enough to be
alarmed. At least not until the mouse ran up the blanket on the vacant
sofa. Then all heck broke loose with a piercing scream and the dad started
chasing the pest. Chaos induced by one little rodent that created something
even bigger...an infestation. Seeing the mouse confirmed what was heard in
the attic. The scratching sounds and the sound of running. Dad had no doubt
there were more up in the attic enjoying the new digs. The key now was to
locate where the infestation was in the home. The one thing that crossed
the mom's mind was the great fear of the children getting bit, eating
bacteria infested food or airborne germs attacking the family. There are
numerous diseases that are transmitted indirectly by rodents when a flea
or tick bites an infected rodent and then turns around to bite a human.
Alright now. The homeowner did not want to have to deal with this yucky
problem. Made up his mind to call in a Pest Exterminator to take care of
the Mice Infestation.

Why the Attic is an ideal place for Mice to nest in:

Mice love to gain entry into an attic because It's warm, safe and dry. The
nasty little pests are not cute at all. There is so much damage that can be
done. Mice like to build beds in the insulation. Attics are also a place
where the mice leave behind it's urine and feces. Diseases from these germ
bag pests can be spread very quickly. Attics are an excellent spot storing
food. Insulation gives a great site for tunneling, access to the outside if
the need to escape. Listen carefully when everyone goes to bed and noises
can be heard up in the attic at night and even in the walls. The rodents
like to run up and down on the drywall which makes it sound louder. Attics
are for the most part human free. So what better place to run, play, eat
and leave a nasty mess.

Mice can and will cause a lot of damage:

Mice in the attic causes damages by gnawing on electrical wires, disease
transmission, airborne germs and horrible funky smells. The pests can will
crawl down from the attic into the house and kitchen. No space in the home
is exempt from the mice that chew on a variety of things. One of the best
places to find the mice is in the food pantry.

How are the nasty mice getting into the house:

Mice gain entry into homes through crevices, cracks, holes in foundations,
floors and walls. Homeowners usually have less than a clue that there are
several openings giving access to the unwanted guests. Due to a mouse’s
body shape, it can squeeze through holes the size of a dime. The mice are
tiny and can get into the house through gaps in windows or ceilings.
Through sewer lines, unsealed or improperly sealed drain pipes.
Mice may also enter the home through gaps in ceilings and windows. Mice
have no problem in coming through drain pipes that aren't sealed and via
sewer lines. It's not uncommon that the pests can enter homes through
bathtub drains and sinks.

A mouse is in the house and running amok in the attic requiring Mice
Infestation pest control and a call for help was made to AMPM Exterminators
to come and get rid of this gigantic mess. The pest control professional
answered the call and the owner was elated to get a same day service. Once
the professional terminator arrived the treatment process begun. An
investigation of the perimeter of the house was priority. Because the main
worry is not only what is inside the house. The important step is to
prevent any more mice to get into the residence. A search was on to look
for holes, cracks and any openings that needed to be sealed off. Of course
this would keep the varmints out. Doors and windows were checked to make
sure they closed properly and no gaps. The kitchen and pantry were
inspected thoroughly and prevention instructions were given for after
treatment. Such as to make sure to store foods in glass or metal containers
with tight lids. Definitely dispose of all food waste as soon as possible
in tightly covered garbage cans. Common sense daily cleaning to keep the
mice away. The attic was of the most interest and every nook and cranny was
checked for both live and dead mice. Baits put down. Lastly the owner was
advised to keep the tree branches cut back from the roof. Because this was
the main access to the house and into the attic. Contacting AMPM
Exterminators was the best move the owner made all day. The experienced,
professional and friendly got the job done.

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