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Seattle Pest Control Services Exterminators will customize a treatment for your needs to quickly and safely eliminate bed bugs from the infested room or area. Seattle rodent control inspectors specialize in finding rodent entry points and customizing a strategy to getting rid of rats and keeping them away. Carpenter Ants are one of the biggest problems for residents of the Pacific Northwest. Using effective ant control techniques. Fast, effective, and safe for children and pets.
A rat exterminator is a professional who helps you get rid of rat infestation and prevent these pests from coming back in the future.  Rats and mice can do a lot of damage to any building where they nest.  These nests do not need a lot of room, and once built, the rodents can spread very quickly.  Rats tend to bite wires as well as bite their way through walls.  Getting rid of them on your own is very difficult and can be a lot of work.  The cost of a professional rat exterminator is going to vary depending on the number of rats, the geographical location, the size of your home and professional performing the job.  Published by Ampm Exterminators.

Restaurant Chef has a rat sighting:

An upscale downtown Seattle restaurant was being closed up after a busy
day. One of the cooks noticed something run by like a streak of lightning.
All the while the chef was trying to make a fast exit, the cook was trying
to leave without thoroughly cleaning the kitchen. The man got so rattled
by what was believed to be a rat. As the cook was running to the manager's
office a second sighting was witnessed and this time it was definitely a
rat. The frazzled restaurant Manager wasted no time in calling a pest
control exterminator. A rat sighting is no joke for a restaurant.

AMPM Exterminators was the Manager's choice:

A call was made to AMPM Exterminators, a Greater Seattle area pest control
company. Recommended by a friend just days earlier for possible monthly
prevention services. The colleague owned a business nearby that just got
rid of pests by AMPM Exterminators. Since it was so late the manager
agreed with the pest control technician that it could wait a few hours.
Bright and early the next morning the technician arrived. The first step
was to do a perimeter check for any and all openings where the rodents
could be gaining access to the restaurant. Openings such as holes, crevices
and cracks. Rats physical makeup allows accessing all openings the size of
a quarter. The nasty rodents are diligent and will keep searching to find
a way into the building. After all the rats are food magnets.

Why are the nasty rats invading the restaurant:

An invasion of rats can be due many things. The main reasons the rats will
seek an opening is for food and water. The pests will show up anytime
 year round looking for a safe haven. The downtown Seattle restaurant’s
perimeter check told the story. The kitchen became infested with the creepy
rats because of the holes around the structure during the perimeter check.
The openings were immediately sealed up to prevent the rats or other pests
from entering the restaurant.

Rats moved indoors and found many inviting areas to explore:

The AMPM Exterminators rat infestation specialist located several things
conducive to a rat infestation.
There was uncovered food left out on
counters. Dirty stoves, produce bins left on the floor. Backdoor damaged
left propped open for ventilation. Huge invitation for the rats to come on
in from the alley. Another huge invite was from the overflowing open
garbage cans inside and out in the alley. Too many food service violations
could be a result of this rat infestation that the owner could be
responsible for. Proves that the employees were not keeping up with
excellent sanitation habits. Nor were the maintenance crew doing checks on
the perimeter of the structure.

Prevention tips to keep rats away:

For a restaurant to be successful is dependent on many factors. Such as
keeping the customers happy with excellent service and delicious food. But
more importantly by keeping a pest free establishment. Signing up for
professional continuous services is very important to consider. The
professional eliminator explained the contents of all types of maintenance
programs offered by AMPM Exterminators. An annual check will be for any
signs of infestations during each of the four seasons. All during the year
the rats are always seeking for shelter, food, and water. It is highly
recommended to schedule monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly services. A
prevention program of pest control services will be beneficial to prevent
the loss of income for the restaurant.

How can the restaurant owner keep rats away:

AMPM Exterminator got rid of the rat infestation successfully. The owner
agreed to monthly maintenance inspections, updating sanitation practices
and using tailor made recurring treatments. Checking bait traps often is a
necessity. The Pest Control Eliminator emphasized the fact that the owner
and manager follow the highly recommended prevention system for taking
 stringent precautions to prevent serious rodent problems. The employees
had to be instructed on the prevention measures and held accountable for
check off lists of daily cleaning practices. Rats carry disease, mites,
created airborne germs, leave behind urine and feces. Can cause damage to
building. Without the bottom dollar there is no restaurant.

AMPM EXTERMINATORS is a pest control company that treats all customers
with respect. The technicians are professional and practice being good
listeners. As,a result of the choice being made to hire AMPM Exterminators
meant sending very experienced and professional technicians to the
restaurant. The Technicians average 10+ years of experience, and are
trained to work with this type of Rat and Mice Infestation.Cleanup in
Crawlspace and Attic are services also provided at extra cost. The owner
called the friend who recommended AMPM Exterminators to say thanks for an
excellent referral.


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