Thursday, October 20, 2016

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A lot of these Rodent species have come to realize that the attic and crawlspaces in a home or business buildings provides a better suited living environment than anything found in nature. The insulation in the attic makes a perfect nesting material and the enclosed attic provides a safety net keeping these critters out of danger from most of the remaining predators. All of these factors contribute to a much faster growing population and seriousness of critter infestations in homes.

With the fast growing rate of homes and business construction on the Eastside seattle most native wildlife(Rats,Mice) species are struggling to find suitable living space as acres and acres of suitable habitat is cleared. In combination with a lack or native predators, the rodent population has exploded, which translates into more rats and mice on less land.

Rainy weather in Seattle and folks are laying low at home all cozy and comfy or so this family thought. A drop in temperature can be an indicator why rats are on the move looking for a home inside residences or commercial buildings. The big search is on for food and shelter. Droppings were found in the pantry and kitchen counters in this Seattle home. Not to mention the rat sighting in the pantry. The homeowner immediately started investigating to find any points of entry for the nasty varmints. Disgusting thought but for this family a reality. The resident could not even fathom trying to get rid of the rodent problem. This was too much to attempt. The family was freaked out and wanted the pests gone NOW. The big question was How to Get Rid of the Rats. The best decision would be to contact a Pest Control Eliminator for rat Infestation.

It’s hard to believe but rats are able to weasel in through holes the size of a quarter. The rodents will find accessible holes, crevices and cracks to squeeze into. The first mandatory thing to do is check the perimeter of the foundation and crawl space, siding and concrete blocks. Rats are able to swim through sewer lines and scurry up drain pipes which gives easy access to the home.
It became very clear after the Mom let out a screech once a rat was spotted in the pantry. while the husband did further investigation more feces were found in the lower kitchen cabinet that did not close tightly. The open box of dry goods were luring the rats. This all occurred so quickly because the rodent got inside through a hole found in the pantry. The rat left tracks on the floor leading to the kitchen. The evening turned into a nightmare. A pest control exterminator was sounding better by the minute.
Rodents are constantly looking for food. The varmints are grateful when finding entry points that were easily accessible to get into the residence. The pests especially love grains and will immediately go rice, cereal, pasta, and bread. Some of the signs found were torn bags, bitemarks on all types of edibles. Rats are not picky eaters though and willeat just about anything. Of course rats are nasty and leave messes as a  calling card. Food is left scattered everywhere the pests ate and leave it’s mess.
Rats do a lot of gnawing and can cause major damage to the everything in the house. Rodents chew on wires, furniture, bricks and wood. It is a well known fact that because of the rodents gnawing on wires this has started house fires. Which can be fatal. Even if the home is insured it may not replace everything. The fear is great that rats would spread disease and bacteria that the nasty pests carry. It’s important to remember that germs and bacteria becomes airborne from the feces and urine. This is a high risk to the family. An example would be anyone drinking out of contaminated pop. cans that were left in an area infested by rats.
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AMPM Exterminators

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Clean all open sources of food before leaving in the evening to remove overnight food sources for cockroaches and rodents. Keywords:

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